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Anna De Ville Anna De Ville
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It’s been a long week for Detective Rico Beefy…and it is Friday afternoon. There’s one final arrest this Lothario needs to process. Meaty picked up a hooker named Anna DeVille as that babe was working Figueroa Avenue over by LAX, and quite honestly, paperwork is about the last thing the detective feels like doing. He’s complaining to one of his cop buddies over the phone when Strong discovers a little-known secret that is been going around the department. Take the hooker to the conference room, cut a deal with her, and instead of videotaping a confession, why not acquire your weenie sucked? Maybe stick it in the hooker’s grasp, also? Detective Beefy strikes a deal the lads in the department are intend to talk about a lengthy time: assent to expunge the hooker’s previous arrests, and check out how fast she’ll suggest up her dark hole!

Anna De Ville Anna De Ville

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