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Lilly Lit

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Lilly Lit Lilly Lit
Lilly Lit @
It was about the time Lilly Ford met her BF that this babe changed her name to Lilly Lit, and man, are they one freaky pair! They’re "poly", which means Lilly bangs just about everybody in sight, whether or not The BF is around to see. This day, The BF is around, cause he’s dangling in the backyard with The Homies when Lilly acquires back from a "girls’ day out". After Lilly greets The BF, this babe heads directly to their bedroom so that babe can put on the skimpiest of all her bikinis, then head back out to tan…and tanalise. The BF, however, has something very different in mind: sharing the fascinating, slim Lilly with The Homies, who can’t believe how sexy she’s! Sure enough, Lilly is down, so to commence, it is a round of backyard blowjobs before heading inside, where Lilly is gonna get railed by not quite 3 feet of dick as The BF watches and jerks. Lilly cums multiple times before receiving not one, nor two…but three sex cream pies in a row! With her lovely snatch literally running with man juice, Lilly receives on her knees for the final reward: a blast in the face from the chap who likes her almost any!
Lilly Lit Lilly Lit

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Jane Wilde

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Jane Wilde Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde @
Jane Wilde has an admirer. His name is Jay. Jay desires no thing more than to be with Jane; Jane, however, doesn’t feel the same. Jane’s a little "evil", too: whenever Jay leaves Jane’s place, this woman chaser leaves with blue balls. Big, chunky, aching testicles. Which is to say Jane enjoys teasing white men while enjoyable dark-skinned dudes! This day she’s gonna level Jay with a full-blown cuckold session. You see, Jane’s shag buddy Jax is swinging by. "Time for u to leave!" Jane says flatly. "But I made time today for u!" Jay exclaims. This triggered Jane, which lead to the session you’re about to witness. Heartless yet kind. Jane’s about to brandish Jay, firsthand, while she’ll not at all accept him as a partner. And after watching Jax destroy Jane’s little cunt (and even smaller butthole), Jay will concede. Not in advance of getting a little lesson in his future role in Jane’s life — her cute, little shlong mouthing "BFF"!!
Jane Wilde Jane Wilde

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Hotty Wicky

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Angel Wicky Angel Wicky
Girl Wicky @
It might be your fantasy to move to Europe and marry a hot European goddess. We know that was multi-millionaire Steve Steele’s dream, and as wonderful as it sounds to take a much younger bride, well…it appears there is some serious consequences. This chab is married to a Czech woman named Gal Wicky. Angel’s a piece of SEXY HOUSEWIFE ass: blond, big busted, in her 30s…and love almost all 30-something’s, Cutie is always sexually excited. Also excited, in fact. He simply cant shag her sufficient. But Steve is friends with Amirah Adara, so that smooth operator knows the Dogfart workers has invaded Budapest! Specifically "Cuckold Master" Jax Slayher, who loves to pound attractive wives in front of their impotent hubbies!! That’s exactly what Jax does this day, all the while Hotty reminding Steve what a pathetic loser that skirt chaser truly is. Just cause u have a larger than run of the mill bank account doesn’t mean you’ve a large wang! Just ask Gal!! Oh, and yea…Jax not only rogered Beauty in her marital ottoman…she just used her wedding ring as a man juice mop to play with all that cum all over her stupendous boobies!!

Angel Wicky Angel Wicky

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Karma Rx

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Karma Rx Karma Rx
Karma Rx @
You purchased a cuckold session, and Karma Rx is your Cuckoldress. This means that babe is gonna talk to you…and solely you. In this session, once you’ve paid up, Karma will start in with some "SPH" — small rod humiliation. This is one of the reasons you are a cuck and not screwing Karma. You know she’ll not at any time feel your meat-thermometer, so why try? Even if Karma allowed you to fuck her, your history with premature ejaculation will certainly come back to rear its unattractive head. Cause…let’s face it: you are a 2-pump chump. Oh, Karma will drain your wallet, also. This includes your credit card, which Karma will take…along with your PIN number. After your session, she’s gonna treat herself to a shopping spree, and you know that babe is plan to bring her two allies, Jason and Rob. Speaking of ’em, they’re "real men" (Karma’s words), and you know it is true. One as well as the other Jason and Rob have bigger in size than run of the mill weenies that stay rock hard and can copulate as long as it takes for Karma to cum. Which doesn’t take long, due to the size of their rods! Oh…they’ll give her multiple orgasms, likewise. Which leaves the agonorgasmos for the one and the other men: they’ll double-load Karma’s cum-hole with so much cock juice, it’ll leak out for hours. Unless you clean it up, which Karma will vigour you to do! Clean up time, cuckboi!!!
Karma Rx Karma Rx

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Danielle Derek

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
Danielle Derek @
Danielle Derek has an interesting relationship with her step-son: this babe keeps him in his very-wealthy father’s valuable graces, and he doesn’t tell dad when step-mom’s been naughty. It’s an gorgeous relationship, really…and it started not likewise long after Danielle married and moved-in to the house. 1st, it was walking around the house in robe and knickers. Then, just briefs. Then, keeping baths doors opened during the time that this babe showered. Then, letting step-son peek in as this babe clothed. The first time he caught step-mom with one more gent, the deal was consummated. Now, Danielle’s step-son goes out of his way to bring his allies home to meet "my batty step-mom"! Today’s extra-special, as Danielle has not at any time been with a darksome dude in advance of (let alone two), and step-son knew Danielle would acquire very wanton when she met Rob and Ricky. Danielle enticed the young chaps, which was very effortless…first, by giving ’em a peep unveil; and then, simply inviting the guys into her dressing room. As step-son sitting and beat his meat, Rob and Ricky ran a educate on step-mom, ending with a hot, creamy load deep in her snatch. Then a sticky discharged all over her face and breasts. Do not forget step-son’s reward!
Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
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Richelle Ryan

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Richelle Ryan Richelle Ryan
Richelle Ryan @
Look at weak, worthless, white-boi foot piggy, groveling at Bitch beauty Richelle Ryan’s feet! That man pays large specie to worship his Bitch goddess, and that buck loves sniffing and touching with tongue and giving a kiss Richelle’s enjoyable feet. There is just one problem. In the middle of his foot session, a couple of Richelle’s friends reveal up unexpectedly! They’re big and they’re dark and they’ve got one thing on their mind: banging Richelle Ryan! Since Richelle is a "B.C.S." (dark schlong floozy), she’ll allow her darksome paramours to take control…and since he’s been such a valuable little piggie, Richelle is going to allow her foot thrall to enjoy the flaunt. Well…there’s only one problem with that: last time Foot Piggie was over, that buck touched himself with out Richelle’s permission; this day, his jock is locked up taut! This means while Foot Pig will watch the flaunt, this chab will not be adept to jack his slight, white meat as Richelle’s bucks run their train on her succulent, warm seize. They’ll skull screw her, also, then dump their titanic loads all over Richelle’s ample, very nifty arse!!
Richelle Ryan Richelle Ryan

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Melissa Lynn

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Melissa Lynn Melissa Lynn
Melissa Lynn @
Melissa Lynn has a very odd relationship with her step-son, Zach. Once, a lengthy time ago, step-son caught Melissa cheating on his dad. Which was around the same time Melissa caught her step-son sniffing her knickers during the time that furiously beating off! "Hey, since we’re both freaks, let’s use this to our advantage!" Melissa exclaimed! Since they both adore "Daddy’s money", Zach hooks up his Mamma with his buddies (who are all half her age!), whilst Zach acquires to view his step-mother have sex…or shower…or sniff her thongs! So when Melissa acquires home from a mani/pedi, and Zach’s two buddies, Ricky and Mookiee, are hanging out, it is on!! It doesn’t take long for Melissa’s mouth to be crammed with over-sized dark penis! Then, Ricky and Mookiee rail her! "I can not make no doubt of I am rogering your step-mom, bro!" Ricky told to Zach. "She’s twice our age!" Mookiee exclaims! Ricky loses his load 1st, and then it is Mookiee’s turn. "Time for your reward, Zach!" With his step-mom on her knees and her face literally dripping with ball cream, Zach acquires a couple pumps in previous to dropping one of the humongous loads ever in his 20 years…all over his step-mom, who’s nearly 40! This is as taboo as it acquires!!
Melissa Lynn Melissa Lynn
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Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets
Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets @
A hot, dark-skinned couple. A white angel who’s constantly wondering if it is "normal" for her sweet husband to have a 3-inch strapon and erectile dysfunction. Meet Daizy Cooper and Carolina Sweets. They work at a local brew pub. They’ve been co-workers for a while now, which means they share secrets…secrets love, "oh my gosh my boyfriend only lasted a couple minutes last night" and "oh my gosh my boyfriend’s rod is so bigger than run of the mill I can barely take it". We all know where this is going. "Maybe it is time to cheat on your chap…with MY ladies man!" When Carolina heard Daizy say that after their shifts ended, this babe knew her 1st response was to say "no", but when Carolina showed up at Daizy’s abode to bang Daizy’s well-hung charmer, no one was surprised. Including Carolina’s spouse, who’s been following her around for months. This man knew it was just a matter of time…

Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets

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Astrid Star

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Astrid Star Astrid Star
Astrid Star @
Astrid Star and her Spouse are one freaky pair! Get this: Spouse can’t live without to observe strangers gangbang his wife, and with Hubby’s assist, Astrid scours the internet looking for fellows! They love the males to be well hung…and dark! During the time that Astrid was on her "hunt", she came across a gym owned by two "Bulls" who are personal trainers! When Astrid saw their pics online, this babe nearly came in her briefs! So Astrid and Husband set up a "consultation" encounter…which was nothing more than a way for Astrid to seduce the two Bulls! At 1st the Bulls were skeptical, until Hubby pulled up Astrid’s top to ask, "hey fellahs, do u adore my wife’s mellons?" It didn’t take lengthy for Astrid to drop to her knees, and one time the Bulls made it very clear to Partner that were would be no "gay shit", the cuckold session was ON! The one and the other Bulls took turns rogering glamourous, blonde Astrid all over the joint. They tag-teamed her on each piece of workout equipment in advance of the 1st Bull dumped his spunk unfathomable in Astrid’s stretched-out pussy. That babe swallowed the second Bull’s load, and then, during the time that making fun of Husband, she allowed him to finish. Astrid laughed hard, taunting Husband about his "little white pee pee", until Partner popped. Hubby’s small load made Astrid giggle even more!! The Bulls now have a new customer, but Spouse won’t be allowed to look at anymore "training sessions"…unless this lady-killer pays even more!
Astrid Star Astrid Star

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Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma
Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma @
Our Cuckold Session spreads today with two of what might be the most cruel Cuckoldreses we’re ever met: Gia Paloma and Carmen Valentina. Just listen in to their intimate, "girl conversation"! After dishing out all their filthy secrets about their "white lad experiences", the 2 drag out their Gimp. All that white stud talk has the two Darksome Cock Strumpets all riled up, and who better to take out all their white lad frustrations than a Cuckboi who refers to himself as "Fluffy Slave"? After a rather harsh round of humiliation, Carmen tells Gia, "I’ve got a surprise!" It turns out Carmen’s surprise is none other than the legendary Mandingo. How in the world can Fluffy ever compare to almost 14 inches of hard dark-skinned meat? One as well as the other gals take turns getting their throats and cookies stretched to the max in advance of "Dingo" drops a larger than average load all over the two strumpets. It’s clean up time for Fluffy, who’s been locked down in chastity since the session began. And after it is all told and done, he’ll be left alone to ponder his own silly existence.
Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma Carmen Valentina & Gia Paloma

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Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me
Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me @
Howdy Chaps! Salute Gals! And to all those cuckyboys out there, a BIGGER IN SIZE THAN TYPICAL GREETINGS! And boy, are u going to adore this week’s update! Remember my finest ally Sophia? Certainly u do! How could you forget her? She was in last week’s update, too! Well, this week that babe comes back, and guess what? This babe has a prize for me! A Cuckold! Hee hee. This cuckboy was a fraidy-cat, cause this charmer would not take off his mask, but oh well! We still had enjoyment…making joy of him…measuring his 3 inch dinky…watching him heat his pee-pee and making a mess all over himself. HAHAHAHA. A matter of joke. The darksome bull who rogered me was fabulous, as all of them are, and I truly enjoyed it when this chab blasted Sophia’s feet with his cum! I ate it all up, also. YUM! In any case, watch you boys next week! XOXO – Spring
Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me Sophia Gently, The Cuckold And Me
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Pristine Edge

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Pristine Edge Pristine Edge
Pristine Edge @
Everyone meet Pristine Edge and her dude, Trent. They’re "freaky". Trent likes being married to a slut. They met at Pristine’s work — a undress joint! And one time this chab wifed her up, Trent demanded that Pristine keep her stripper job. In fact, he can’t live without to walk into the disrobe club just to check out her give concupiscent fellahs a lap dance! It did not take also long before they were inviting girls — and men — into their bedroom! Now…what’s a woman chaser gonna receive for his wife’s 30th birthday? Her "dirty thirty"?!? How about her very favorite porn star?? Trent and Pristine LOVE observe porn, and they like interracial porn! Pristine likes Lexington Steele, so Trent reached out to him on social media…and now the one-and-only is in their front room, making out with one of the almost any renowned porno stars in the world! Lex is plan to dick down Pristine whilst Trent jerks his white 10-Pounder adore a monkey in the zoo! When it is time to blow loads, Pristine is a nice floozy wife, allowing her brand-new zeppelins to be used as a cum dumpster!!
Pristine Edge Pristine Edge

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