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Julius And TJ

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Julius And TJ Julius And TJ
Julius And TJ @
TJ is a beaner with no brains. Much adore his white counterparts this chab ain’t packing much in the wang department. When he is not selling oranges or moving furniture that lady-killer is watching me getting railed by bigger than standard darksome penis on my web page. I enjoyed spanking him in the same manner that immigration laws have affected his income. I wasn’t done since I needed to tie him up talking so much shit on all his um…………….shortcomings, hahahaha. Julius, one of my many hung dark dudes who are always willing to shag me naive, stepped up and my vagina lips wrapped around his third leg. TJ was several feet away as his cuckold queen was getting her each day dose of interracial sex. TJ was reluctant to take up with the tongue up Julius’ goo flow off my cookie but changed his mind once I said him that I would cancel his membership if this chab refused.
Julius And TJ Julius And TJ

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Nina Elle & Beauty Smalls

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Nina Elle & Beauty Smalls Nina Elle & Cutie Smalls
Nina Elle & Gal Smalls @
Indoctrination. You’re about to witness it, first hand. Nine Elle and her partner are in the middle of a cuckold session when their barely-legal daughter, Gal, came home early from a date. Cutie is home early ‘cuz that babe was sick and weary of watching her husband inspect all the other beauties at the beach! Needless to say, Beauty was shocked when this babe sauntered into the house to find her daddy masturbating as this chab viewed a darksome stud fucking her Mommy!! The solely thing this babe could do was shriek! Look at Mama and daddy rush to their daughter to "explain". Explanation? Indoctrination! Soon little Girl is on her knees with Mama, engulfing darksome shlong, whilst dad enjoys the reveal! Warning: you’re about to witness a fresh level of cuckolding…one so taboo it may leave u feeling disturbed — or hungry for more!

Nina Elle & Girl Smalls Nina Elle & Goddess Smalls

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Lessons From My Sister

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Lessons From My Sister Lessons From My Sister
Lessons From My Sister @
Hey guys! I wager u already know my sister, Spring, but I wanted to have her reveal me a thing or 2. That babe is the most good dark dong wench in the world, and that babe taught me everything I know, but I needed to know more. So I invite Spring to my place and tell her to bring some allies. So that babe does! One is a little white boy who is pretty useless in my sex life, and then she also brought a fine darksome cock for me to relish with. Oh lad was it fun! Spring teaches me a scarcely any things, I receive gooey and the white boy leaves bonkers. What a pleasure time!
Lessons From My Sister Lessons From My Sister
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Alana Cruise

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Alana Cruise Alana Cruise
Alana Cruise @
Alana Cruise is about to celebrate her birthday with a group sex (pardon the pun), and that babe has no idea how greater than run of the mill the a team fuck is plan to be! Her pervy step-son, Cody, knows what kind of a cheatin’, dark-skinned schlong wench his dad married! They even have a pact: Cody keeps his throat shut about all the cheating, and Alana makes sure to funnel some of Daddy’s specie Cody’s way…for things love car insurance and weekend carousing. The one and the other Alana and Cody are a little frustrated with Daddy this day, as this chab is with out town (one time more) on a business tour. And on Alana’s birthday! Cody indeed sees it as an opportunity, so he put an advert out on the internet (floozy MILF seeks gang group action with darksome boys) and the rest, they say, is history! Cody couldn’t make no doubt of all the responses, and this man invited four to come sing pleased birthday and have pleasure some of Alana’s "cake". All 3 holes are open, fellahs! Let us make her airtight!
Alana Cruise Alana Cruise
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The Cuckhold

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

The Cuckhold The Cuckhold
The Cuckhold @
This week’s update is very special. It features two recent people on my site: John E. Depth and The Cuckhold. Not much to say about John — he’s your standard brotha packin’ close to 13 inches. The Cuckhold is archetypical, too: this chab is a white lad packin’ close to 6 inches with an uncontrollable want to eat my slit after a darksome man’s load has been deposited deep inside me. (Really, John, adore majority powerful darksome fellows, was nice for TWO loads during this shoot…one *in* me, and one *on* me!) The Cuckhold was fine enough to clean me out after John was done working his magic. Then, love a fine cuckhold, this man went back to his cage where I allowed him to beat his little white pee-pee until a diminutive amount of cum dribbled out. How pathetic! Well dudes, until next week, Spring. XOXOXOXOXOX
The Cuckhold The Cuckhold
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Zelda Morrison

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Zelda Morrison Zelda Morrison
Zelda Morrison @
A not many weeks after her Mother re-married, Zelda Morrison caught her step-dad jerking to interracial porn on the internet. Her step-dad was very embarrassed, but Zelda said him it was nifty. Then, that babe confessed to him: "I’m a dark dong doxy!" Since then, they’ve come to an agreement. Zelda receives beautiful much soever this babe desires as long as this babe lets step-dad in her bedroom during the time that that babe is entertaining her African-American friends. It truly works very well. When Zelda needs cash to go shopping, or wants to stay out all night, or failed a test and doesn’t want to get inside bother for it, all she has to do it let step-dad view…and jerk his little white winky. Today, Zelda asked for a larger than typical, BIGGER THAN RUN OF THE MILL favor: this babe wants to smoke pot in her room. A favor of such magnitude means she’s got to spoil step-dad back. What more priceless way than to have some of men who play football at her community high-school come over and run a educate on Zelda? Step-dad watches in amazement as the boys make Zelda "air-tight" but stuffing her throat, bawdy cleft, and anal opening at the same time. After it is all said and done? Step-dad clean up!!!
Zelda Morrison Zelda Morrison

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Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe
Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe @
Poor little Nate. Just observe him. He’s heartbroken…and for priceless reason. He caught his girlfriend with a darksome skirt chaser. At 1st, mom tried to console him, but it is been a whole week and Nate still doesn’t get it. "Why would this babe cheat on me, Mother? I am a smart charmer and I’m in high-school!" So mamma is plan to unveil a little "tough love" and teach Nate the ways of the world. This babe is enlisted her naughty step-daughter, Liza, to drive the lesson home. Why? Liza is just adore Nate’s girlfriend. That babe has a white partner…and a black bonk buddy. And Nate’s mamma, Cherie? That babe is happily married to her provider while this babe shags dark-skinned men as well. Nate’s about to receive a first-hand check out how relationships work in the 21st century, and after it’s all told and done, we all know he’ll go back to his girlfriend — with a dozen roses and an apology.
Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe
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Alyssa Lynn

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
Alyssa Lynn @
Alyssa Lynn is unhappily married. Her husband, Mr. Lynn, is a businessman who spends lots of time working, and her son, Robby, is a community high-school freshman. She likes her son very much, but that babe can’t live without her son’s friends even more…if you know what I mean. Especially his darksome friends! So, when Robby receives home early from school, even though that stud may seem "surprised" at his discovery, this chab is indeed not surprised at all. Robby’s viewed his Mom flirt with all his friends, and he knows his Mommy and daddy do not even sleep in the same room anymore. What surprises Robby is something terribly taboo and unbending to admit: that stud became aroused and achieved an stiffy witnessing his Mother in The Act!! And when his Mom made her discovery — that Robby was spying on her having sex like a common Peeping Tom — she did what some would consider the Unthinkable. Warning: this scene may shock you!
Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
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Aletta Ocean

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Aletta Ocean Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean @
What’s the preeminent thing a Partner can give her BCS wife? Do I really even must answer that question? Come into Zack and his impressive wife, Aletta. They’ve been part of the cuckold lifestyle since they started courting years ago. Zack knows what’s up. This woman chaser understands the dark man’s girth will stretch his lady’s holes open far more than that guy ever could, and why deny her that enjoyment? Zack’s always been a voyeur, likewise, and he thinks there is nothing hotter than watching his impressive wife Aletta acquire group banged out. Today’s an extra-special day for Zack and Aletta! In addition to celebrating their anniversary in a nice-looking condo they rented for the occasion, Zack stumbled upon porno star JonJon at one of Budapest’s hottest clubs the night previous to! Zack hired JonJon as an anniversary gift. We all know this is a gift Aletta won’t at any time forget!

Aletta Ocean Aletta Ocean

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Gina Gerson

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Gina Gerson Gina Gerson
Gina Gerson @
If you’re following Isiah and JonJon’s outstanding adventures in Budapest, you’ll know they’ve already checked in to their Budapest vacation rental, and now they’re out to meet the dude who runs one of Europe’s titanic sex undress clubs. It was one of the reasons they came here in the 1st place! The Sex Exotic dancing club hired our two Darksome Bulls to mingle (and partake) in the club’s "activities". There is only one issue: the $10,000 they were to be paid for their appearance fee was in the local currency, Hungarian forints, and not US dollars, as JonJon and Isiah reckoned. Worse yet, $10,000 forints is a little less than $40 dollars, so u know there’s plan to be conflict…until the owner’s mail-order, Russian wife makes her appearance. Her name is Gina Gerson, and this little freak is gonna make all her holes available, as she likes Dark Bulls not quite as much as Spouse can’t live out of to watch her get group-fucked out! Expect until you watch Isiah’s monumental pop shot deep into Gina’s slight butthole!!

Gina Gerson Gina Gerson

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Jada Stevens

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Jada Stevens Jada Stevens
Jada Stevens @
Degenerate gambler Jesse owns a bar, and this charmer is about to get shaken down for the cash this chab owes The Ladies man. His girlfriend Jada is his barkeep, so she gets to deal with the Hired Guns — Sean Michaels and his understudy Isiah Maxwell — when they 1st walk into Jesse’s joint. They’re here for the Thirty Bigger in size than run of the mill, and they’re plan to do whatever it takes to receive it. Jesse’s about to acquire screwed up in a bad way when Jada comes to his rescue. At Jesse’s request, Jada will suggest up her throat and white snatch to the boys previous to this babe swallows both of their over sized loads. But do not think that’s gonna acquire Jesse off the hook…you know they’ll be back, and u know they’ll get one more smack of Jada Stevens…which doesn’t bother her one bit!

Jada Stevens Jada Stevens

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Nina Elle

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Nina Elle Nina Elle
Nina Elle @
There’s something unbelievably sexy when some other charmer is screwing her out in front of your very eyes. Especially when that man is a dark woman chaser with a weenie twice as large as yours. It’s so hot, in fact, some couples go to extraordinary measures to make it happen. Take Nina and her partner Anthony. They’re an open-minded pair who adore this type of activity, and they love to "set up" the Bull. For sample, they’ll call for a repair gent to come fix a broken water line in the slaver bathroom…but there is no broken water line. There’s, however, one hot and wanton wife sitting in a tub willing to entice the Bull. And Partner isn’t far behind, ready to watch it all go down as well as reward Nina for a job well done. Drink it all, pleasing heart!
Nina Elle Nina Elle

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