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Cathy Heaven

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Cathy Heaven Cathy Heaven
Cathy Heaven @
All of the European men’s magazines and websites are abuzz with Dogfart’s arrival in Budapest, Hungary! And Cathy Heaven, a freelance journalist (and "soccer mom"), has just landed the interview of her life! Literally! Cathy’s got Prince Yashua and Jax Slayher in her office, but this interview doesn’t get also far. U watch, like majority Eastern European hotty’s, Cathy’s always had a "thing" for black guys — and she is a self-admitted "fan girl" of Prince! So how many questions does Cathy get through before she’s stripped, sucking, and screwing? Hardly any! Expect until u see how unfathomable Cathy’s mouth is, likewise! Jax has not at all gone "balls deep" in any women’s face hole — until this day! Cathy even takes Prince’s girthy piece of dark meat unfathomable, too, previous to one as well as the other fellows ream her pleasing cum-hole and taut, constricted rectal hole. Then, they DOUBLE PENETRATION Cathy until that babe orgasms, over and over. No thing left for Prince and Jax to do but dump their loads down Cathy’s mouth! Drink it all, Lustful!! And from this, Cathy will write her piece on the Dogfart Staff!!
Cathy Heaven Cathy Heaven
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Chelsie Rae’s Engagement

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Chelsie Rae Chelsie Rae
Chelsie Rae’s Engagement @
Chelsea Rae is engaged. She’s been engaged for THREE years to a white lad. But I guess after I introduced her to black 10-Pounder this day, the engagement will be OFF. HAHA Broc dumped his jism in her white twat, so as pretty soon as her white spouse finds out she’s impregnated with a dark baby, the wedding will be off. How could she marry a white boy with a little white dick in any case!
Chelsie Rae Chelsie Rae

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Avi Adore

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Avi Love Avi Love
Avi Like @
Avi Love is in trouble. She is been caught cheating on her husband, Dillon. Even though they’ve reconciled, Dillon is set to make sure this sort of behavior is by no means plan to happen anew. That man swings by Avi’s place to "kiss and make up"…in fact, Avi is getting ready for some magnificant "make up sex". What that babe doesn’t know is all of Dillon’s homies are about to join in as well! Dillon pulls Avi into the front room of her home, eyes shut. Behind her sit all of Dillion’s homies. That is when the tough questions begin: "Why did u cheat?" Admit you are a cheater!" What are you going to do to make sure it by no means happens afresh?!" And, lastly…"what are u ready to do to keep your gent?!" It is a tough round of questions, and it cumulates with Avi on the receiving end of a sound spanking. But that is just where it begins! Soon, she’s cosseted and caressed and poked to her knees! She’s gonna engulf Dillon and all the homies! Then, it is on to her pleasant, enjoyable wet crack! After the fellahs have pounded away, they’re intend to run a educate on her dunky, puckered dark hole! What next? Well, in command to keep her petticoat chaser, Avi’s going to drink all five loads…and she can not swallow it all until the Fifth Lothario nuts!! And what a swallow! It ain’t elementary getting all that nut down her face hole, but something tells me Avi loved the discipline!
Avi Love Avi Love
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Emily Right

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Emily Right Emily Right
Emily Right @
Emily Right has a problem: her hubby, Kevin, can’t live with out the strip joints. At first, this babe was accepting, but as it started to affect their sex life — and their bank account — Emily stopped being accepting…and got voided urine. Truly piddled. In fact, when Kevin announced he’d rented out the spare room, "to assist with bills", Emily almost left him…until this babe met her new roomie. He is a gracious dark woman chaser, and that babe can’t live with out the fact this Lothario hangs out in their home half-dressed. And sure sufficient, when Saturday rolls around, Kevin is off on a "dude night"…leaving Emily home with the roomie. Emily knows Kevin is at his prefered disrobe joint, so it is time for a little pleasure for Emily. Or a whole lotta enjoyment, cause Roomie’s dick is about twice the size of Kevin’s! It is a real mouthful, and Emily can not wait to feel his mammoth tool stretch her taut, taut snatch! The only thing more marvelous, for Emily, was when her Roomie discharged his thick, hawt load deep, deep inside."My pussy’s so stretched, I have a feeling Kevin is intend to know I cheated on him," Emily stated, after it was all said and done. Kevin may have a bigger in size surprise nine months from now!
Emily Right Emily Right

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Elle Voneva

Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Elle Voneva Elle Voneva
Elle Voneva @
Mandingo has lots of fans — the one and the other male and lady. When he runs into one of the males who enjoys his work, it’s usually a high five combined with something along the lines of, "hell yea Mandingo! Keep up the great work!" When it is a female? Well…do we indeed need to go there? They all urge a piece of his 13" meat…a "notch on the belt", so to speak. When Elle Voneva ran into "Dingo" at a bar, she could not help herself. She’s been masturbating to Mandingo’s scenes — especially the ones at The Dogfart Network — forever, and now she cant make no doubt of her eyes! He is standing right in front of her! In the flesh! At one of her hangouts! And sure sufficient, after the bar closed, she’s up in his bedroom, doing the almost all astonishing she can to fit it all in her constricted, constricted cunt. In the morning? Well…she’s without ottoman previous to Dingo, and down at his PC, wanking one time more. What a perv! That’s when Dingo catches her, and sure sufficient! Round TWO!! This time Dingo play a game that stud loves to p lay with all the harlots that man picks up — that dude makes them supplicate for more rod! Right in the middle of mouthing, he’ll just walk away to grab a drink…or just observe as they beg for more. Elle does the same thing, begging and begging and getting gangbanged out until Dingo’s sex cream rains all over her tiny, Asian body!
Elle Voneva Elle Voneva
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Daisy Stone

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Daisy Stone Daisy Stone
Daisy Stone @
Daisy Stone likes BBC. This babe loves dark-skinned studs…and so far, she’s "loved" Jason Brown, Ricky Johnson, and Rob Piper separately — but she’s always fantasized about entertaining all three men at one time. Daisy’s too wondered, which one of these men will fit in her ass the utmost? Daisy can’t live with out getting buttfucked, and her ample ass makes it necessary to have a glamorous big pecker if you are plan to tap her arse! This scene widens with all three gentleman wondering why they’ve been invited over to Daisy’s place, and one time Daisy appears to make her intentions known, it all makes sense! The fellahs immediately commence to fondle and disrobe Daisy down before skull screwing her. Then, it’s on to Daisy’s mighty-fine grip, that tastes as enjoyable as a peach. The fellahs each take a turn on her fur pie before Daisy runs her Anal Test with all 3. Which one fits majority wondrous? The one who will creampie her dark hole…that’s who! The other 2 aim for her captivating face! Once Daisy comes to her completion, it’s time for her to boot the fellahs out…until later tonight, of course, when this babe makes yet one more "booty call"!
Daisy Stone Daisy Stone
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Jessica Rex

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Jessica Rex Jessica Rex
Jessica Rex @
Jessica Rex loves her local Hookah Lounge. It is a great place to meet up with aged friends, detect new allies, unwind, and savour a frosty beverage while smoking. Sometimes, Jessica can’t live with out to dress adore a little floozy and head up to the lounge…hoping a recent stud will be there. This day, she’s in luck! Jessica wore her little denim shorts and a risqu top and sure sufficient, across the way sitting a tall, brawny black ladies man. He looked like a bodybuilder and had a shaven head, and Jessica could not help but notice the bulge in his trousers. Within the 60 minutes, Jessica had him back at her place, where that babe keeps a hookah as an excuse to use this very pick-up like: "hey, what do u say we receive without here and go smoke at my house? I’ve got a great hookah and a very velvety ottoman!" Her new ally said yeah, and now they’re making out on that very daybed. Jessica can’t make almost certainly of what she is feeling, so that babe drops to her knees to pull the colossal rod she’s ever seen! "This isn’t gonna fit in my throat…so how’s it ever going to fit in my little cunt and taut, tight butthole?" The other question Jessica is gonna answer today is, "Can I swallow all that spunk this stud just discharged down my face hole?"
Jessica Rex Jessica Rex
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Dakota Skye

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Dakota Skye Dakota Skye
Dakota Skye @
Dakota Skye is a sexy dancer. She is a wonderful one, also. That doesn’t prevent her from getting anxiety before her exotic dancer try-out, and auditioning for lap dancing club owners is a very real thing. Enter Mandingo: he is branching out as far as his businesses are concerned, and slapping his name on a strip joint means facile cash. And lotsa gals, who crave in on one of the hottest lap dancing clubs this side of the Mississippi! Dakota came to Dingo’s home for her try-out, and as she starts, it is silent — and awkward. "I’d do much more worthwhile with music playing!" that babe said. "Dance slower!" Mandingo answered. Pretty soon, that babe is over by by The Smooth operator himself…and instead of a hawt dance, Dakota drops to her knees. She knows it’s plan to take more than a exotic dance to get the night shift at the hottest undress joint in town, and to solidify her chances, pretty soon Dakota is on her back taking all 13 inches of Mandingo Meat. How does all that strapon fit into that small goddess? How does this babe gulp all that spunk? While we may not at any time know the answers, we do know Dakota Skye will be the feature dancer the night Dingo’s Lap dancing club widens!
Dakota Skye Dakota Skye
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Lily Adams

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Lily Adams Lily Adams
Lily Adams @
Lily Adams. What a piece of a-hole! She’s small, has a near-perfect body, and what may be the ultimate set of mangos you’ll watch this month! That babe too has a father who’s business spouse is brawny and impressive…and dark! That’s how Lily describes him to all her allies. In fact, that buck is on his way over to pick up some important paperwork Lily’s daddy has prepared. This makes Lily’s little white wet crack juicy with wish. She is had her eyes on this Darksome Bull every since her dad partnered up with him! Lily makes it obvious, too: every time this guy swings by for a business collision, Lily makes sure to answer the door, always make eye contact, and to smile. In other words, this babe loves to flirt with dad’s business partner! Today, knowing daddy won’t be home all day, Lily is gonna dress like a cute little doxy and make her move! It doesn’t take much to coax his bigger than run of the mill, dark wang without his pants! "This is way bigger in size than my boyfriend’s!" Lily exclaims, previous to putting it into her throat. Mouthing turns to fucking turns to Lily with her recent "daddy", who drops a king-size load right into her mouth. Even though Lily doesn’t gulp for her husband, you know that babe is going to swallow Daddy’s load…which is just the very starting of their new relationship!
Lily Adams Lily Adams
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Brandi Bae

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
Brandi Bae @
On a hawt, summer day what’s one to do but hang out by the pool? That’s what Mandingo wishes to do…just chill by the pool and sip a yummy beverage. Brandi Bae has other plans. That babe is randy, her cum-hole is sopping moist, and the final thing that babe wants to do is sit by a pool. Instead, Brandi urges to sit on Dingo’s 13-inch slab of large, dark meat. She’s at not time accomplished everything of that magnitude, and now she cant keep her mind off Mandingo’s legendary ramrod. That fellow is easily swayed, too, and it doesn’t take long for Brandi to drop to her knees and attempt to choke down all that weenie! She can barely get her mouth around Dingo’s bulbous head!! How is it ever going to fit in her ravishing, constricted pussy?? Well…it does, but that leads up to another challenge: can Brandi Bae take Mandingo up her constricted, constricted shit pipe?!? With some unfathomable breathing and relaxation, sure sufficient — Brandi let us Mandingo’s huge tool into her asshole! There’s solely one thing left, and that’s to drop back down on her knees to take Dingo’s sticky-sweet man-juice all over her captivating golden-haired face!!
Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
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Sophia Grace

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Sophia Grace Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace @
Sophia Grace loves to party. She loves it so much, Sophia is now organizing and promoting parties. Sophia has turned her love of parties into a career! She has thrown some of the finest parties in town, and this day she’s in pursue of a space for her stupendous party yet! After taking the tour of the space and encounter with the space’s management, its security staff, and its DJ and entertainment people, Sophia knows she’s found the ideal spot. The issue now? Budget, of course. She’s got $20,000 to spent; the building’s managers crave much more. "What can I do to bring this price within my budget?" an already-horny Sophia asks. That babe is amorous ‘cuz, the entire time she’s toured the building, there’s gangbang clip playing on a wall! Well…we all know what can be done to bring the price done, and sure sufficient, Sophia drops to her knees. Then, the fellahs "run a train" on Sophia, first pounding her pink little muff, and then using her even tighter anus! After they’ve all had their enjoyment, Sophia is drenched in cream! And, more valuable yet, Sophia’s warehouse party is ON!
Sophia Grace Sophia Grace
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Lilly Ford

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Lilly Ford Lilly Ford
Lilly Ford @
The pick-up took place at one of these large, corporate-owned fitness undress clubs. The Bull scours the joint, offering his "personal training services" to the girls in the lap dancing club. Today’s target? Super cute, truly slim, and "engaged to be engaged" Lilly Ford. The Bull has had his eyes on her for months, and today this guy lastly made a move. A move that proved to be successful. Fast forward to his "home fitness center". In command to make sure Lilly’s technique is perfect, The Bull brings his video digital camera along. We all know what his real intentions are, and sure enough, just minutes into his "initial, comped training session", The Bull has little Lilly on her knees, in awe of his thick slab of darksome meat. "Just looking" in a short time turns to "just sucking" turns to "just the tip". You’ve gotta hand it to The Bull! This stud knows all the right things to say! You’re about to witness yet some other reason why, when your beauty says "he’s just my personal coach!" u know The Truth! Or…it might take about 9 months…if u know what we mean.
Lilly Ford Lilly Ford

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