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Brandi Bae

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
Brandi Bae @
On a hawt, summer day what’s one to do but hang out by the pool? That’s what Mandingo wishes to do…just chill by the pool and sip a yummy beverage. Brandi Bae has other plans. That babe is randy, her cum-hole is sopping moist, and the final thing that babe wants to do is sit by a pool. Instead, Brandi urges to sit on Dingo’s 13-inch slab of large, dark meat. She’s at not time accomplished everything of that magnitude, and now she cant keep her mind off Mandingo’s legendary ramrod. That fellow is easily swayed, too, and it doesn’t take long for Brandi to drop to her knees and attempt to choke down all that weenie! She can barely get her mouth around Dingo’s bulbous head!! How is it ever going to fit in her ravishing, constricted pussy?? Well…it does, but that leads up to another challenge: can Brandi Bae take Mandingo up her constricted, constricted shit pipe?!? With some unfathomable breathing and relaxation, sure sufficient — Brandi let us Mandingo’s huge tool into her asshole! There’s solely one thing left, and that’s to drop back down on her knees to take Dingo’s sticky-sweet man-juice all over her captivating golden-haired face!!
Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
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Sophia Grace

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Sophia Grace Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace @
Sophia Grace loves to party. She loves it so much, Sophia is now organizing and promoting parties. Sophia has turned her love of parties into a career! She has thrown some of the finest parties in town, and this day she’s in pursue of a space for her stupendous party yet! After taking the tour of the space and encounter with the space’s management, its security staff, and its DJ and entertainment people, Sophia knows she’s found the ideal spot. The issue now? Budget, of course. She’s got $20,000 to spent; the building’s managers crave much more. "What can I do to bring this price within my budget?" an already-horny Sophia asks. That babe is amorous ‘cuz, the entire time she’s toured the building, there’s gangbang clip playing on a wall! Well…we all know what can be done to bring the price done, and sure sufficient, Sophia drops to her knees. Then, the fellahs "run a train" on Sophia, first pounding her pink little muff, and then using her even tighter anus! After they’ve all had their enjoyment, Sophia is drenched in cream! And, more valuable yet, Sophia’s warehouse party is ON!
Sophia Grace Sophia Grace
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Lilly Ford

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Lilly Ford Lilly Ford
Lilly Ford @
The pick-up took place at one of these large, corporate-owned fitness undress clubs. The Bull scours the joint, offering his "personal training services" to the girls in the lap dancing club. Today’s target? Super cute, truly slim, and "engaged to be engaged" Lilly Ford. The Bull has had his eyes on her for months, and today this guy lastly made a move. A move that proved to be successful. Fast forward to his "home fitness center". In command to make sure Lilly’s technique is perfect, The Bull brings his video digital camera along. We all know what his real intentions are, and sure enough, just minutes into his "initial, comped training session", The Bull has little Lilly on her knees, in awe of his thick slab of darksome meat. "Just looking" in a short time turns to "just sucking" turns to "just the tip". You’ve gotta hand it to The Bull! This stud knows all the right things to say! You’re about to witness yet some other reason why, when your beauty says "he’s just my personal coach!" u know The Truth! Or…it might take about 9 months…if u know what we mean.
Lilly Ford Lilly Ford

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Natalia Starr

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Natalia Starr Natalia Starr
Natalia Starr @
Flash Brown is off to Europe once again. He goes often, and this time he’s on his way to Poland. This issue is obvious — the language barrier. All Flash indeed desires to do is a gang bang Polish girls, so he calls his pal Natalia Starr over to his pad. Natalia’s intend to train him some run of the mill pick-up lines: "hey baby, can I buy u a swallow?" or "hey glamourous, you look priceless!"…things adore that. It doesn’t take too long for the tutoring session to turn into a bonk session! Natalia can not receive enough of Flash’s BBC. It is quite a mouthful! And talk about stretching out Natalia’s pleasing, soaked bawdy cleft! She’s not at any time been so stretched out, and it makes her climax multiple times! Flash resolves to coat Natalia’s fetching bush with his goo, previous to they collapse in the sofa, weary. And willing for some more Polish lessons!
Natalia Starr Natalia Starr
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Mandy Muse

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Mandy Muse Mandy Muse
Mandy Muse @
P.A.W.G. stands for "phat wazoo white girl", and there’s no sweeter kewl wazoo than the one on Many Muse! She’s over dangling out with "Dingo" and Prince, showing off her impressive arse! The Bulls can not acquire sufficient of fondelling that wazoo and playing with it, which, certainly, make their BBC’s grow to enormously. Mandy’s at not time watched everything love it, so this babe does what nearly each white cutie does when in the presence of BBC: drop to her knees and open wide. Truly wide…because that babe can barely make Dingo’s humongous 10-Pounder head fit in! And adore majority white girls, all holes are open when there is BBC in the room: face hole, twat and butt are for the taking. Why not double-stuff the snow bunny?? Finally, Mandy takes one as well as the other loads right down her mouth for the drink! There’s so much, she’ll skip dinner tonight…her tummy is full of cum!
Mandy Muse Mandy Muse
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Jessie Wylde

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Jessie Wylde Jessie Wylde
Jessie Wylde @
Jessie Wylde loves porno flicks. She’s been watching ’em much longer than this babe is ready to admit, and her very prefered kind to view is — u guessed it — interracial porn! We’re not kidding! Her favorite male adult star? Mandingo, certainly. Jessie’s been infatuated with "Dingo" and his 13-inch pecker for a lengthy time. And no, we’re not kidding. Lastly, Jessie wanted a piece of Dingo so badly, she sent an e-mail and got on a plane to make the 5-hour long flight. "Oh my God," Jessie says as the digital camera starts to roll, "this is so surreal! I’m truly here with Mandingo!" Jessie can’t believe all that meat, either. "It looks even bigger in real life than it does in the movie scenes!" Jessie gasped. And then, this babe opened her mouth as wide as that babe could…and it still barely fit Dingo’s bulbous head! When Mandingo started "hittin’ it", watch Jessie’s eyes open wide — then roll into the back of her head! Jessie’s by no means felt her cunt receive opened up like that, and it just about takes her breath away! That babe came more than one time, and then Dingo dropped a large load all over Jessie’s throat, face, and zeppelins. It was so bigger than average, it splattered all over her legs, likewise! Jessie’s fantasy came true, and this babe leaves us with the same words most white girls say after a fuck session with Mandingo — "I’m all done with white lads!"
Jessie Wylde Jessie Wylde
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Whitney Wright

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Whitney Wright Whitney Wright
Whitney Wright @
If you cheat on your lady, get ready to suffer the consequences! Take Craig, for example. U probably don’t know him…but u probably do know his fianc, Whitney Wright. Whitney’s so upset when this babe learns of Craig’s cheating, this babe heads straight to Davin’s abode. Who’s Davin? Craig’s paramount ally! Why head to Davin’s? Whitney urges to hear it from Davin that Craig cheated, and she’s plan to seduce Davin. Payback. It is a bimbo. This time, though, it is plan to cost Craig his female-dom. Whitey receives exactly what that babe urges, too: Davin admits to Craig’s bad behavior, and Davin gave his big, thick uncut piece of dark-skinned monster meat to Whitey. All 3 holes. Whitey can barely get it in her mouth, and her sweet love tunnel has a unbending time taking it all, also…until Davin stretches it out enough for the whole thing to slip in. This, certainly, solely after Whitney gave Davin a rim job!! And then, Whitney’s gazoo! It just about splits her open, but Whitney does manage, until Davin can not hold back anymore. In addition to being a jizzed-up mess, Whitney is now Davin’s beauty!!
Whitney Wright Whitney Wright
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Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace
Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace @
Ana Foxxx and her Partner run a hustle…and Alexa Grace needs a job. It’s a elementary hustle, too: advertise you need a "housekeeper", put the ads online, and wait for the ladies to answer. It all appears to be legit, but when the potential housekeeper — in this case, Alexa Grace — goes into the bedroom to try on the "required uniform", Ana and Husband know they’ve "caught" one more white gal! When Alexa reappears, in the skimpy French Maid’s outfit, Ana is solely wearing a brassiere and knickers and her attractive stripped stockings; Hubby’s solely in his undies, and the "tent" this dude is "pitching" is as big as everything Alexa’s ever watched! Alexa can’t make almost certainly of that babe can even fit it in her face hole! Alexa also can not make almost certainly of this babe is eating Ana’s vagina whilst Partner slowly slips his engorged wang deep into her little pussy!
Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace Ana Foxxx & Alexa Grace
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Cali Carter

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Cali Carter Cali Carter
Cali Carter @
Cali Carter. A dom of "dirty talk"…and a Dark-skinned 10-Pounder Whore. Today’s scene opens with Cali talking directly to u, seducing u into her world in advance of her Bull appears. And what a Bull! He is pure muscle with a humongous piece of uncut meat that’s intend to test Cali’s fascinating cum-hole. How far can The Bull stretch Cali’s sopping juicy cookie wide-open previous to this babe is forced to "tap out"? Or, can Cali take it all? Cali’s golden-haired dish and her magnificent, slight body just leaks sexuality. I don’t know about you, but I lost it when Cali dropped to her knees and buried her face deep into the Bull’s a-hole, gazoo screwing him love at not time before! The result? A smoking-hot interracial sex session that ends with The Bull’s load discharged directly into Cali’s envisaging face hole. Cali swallows whatsoever ended up in her face hole…and the rest? Cali, a cum fetishist, enjoys the ball cream dripping down her flawless body to crank out another thrilling orgasm!
Cali Carter Cali Carter
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Alex Blake

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Alex Blake Alex Blake
Alex Blake @
For the last scarcely any months, Alex Blake, head of her community high school cheer squad, as been trying unbending to pick-up Tutor Yashua after practice to a team fuck him…right in his classroom! Today’s attempt was a success! Tutor knows this 19-year-old black meat-thermometer bitch has been coming on to him, and this day Trainer gives in! "What’s that, Tutor?" Alex asks. "It’s the digi camera I use to film the players during practice," he replied. It doesn’t take lengthy for Alex to drop to her knees and make a suggestion: "Let’s make a sex tape! Just promise me, Coach, u will not reveal anyone!" Of course Trainer makes that promise, and once this stud feels Alex’s damp, warm mouth drooling spit all over his thick wang, there is no turning back! Coach uses his deck to shag the shit with out this little snow bunny, stretching her willing, pink cum-hole until Alex moans in delight. This babe takes his load load all over her marvelous face, likewise! "This can not happen afresh, Alex", Trainer says, pulling up his trousers. Smth tells Alex this is just the starting.

Alex Blake Alex Blake

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Skylar Snow

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Skylar Snow Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow @
It’s that time of the year, once more — the A.V.N.’s! The awards show, is held annually, and it’s a actually large deal. There’s even a convention prior to the expose in which fans can meet their much loved adult actors! That’s where super-cute P.A.W.G. Skylar Snow is headed. Skylar’s very slutty because this is her very first display…and she’s catching a ride to the convention with the Dogfart Crew! What Skylar doesn’t know is there’s a hazing process for any A.V.N. "newbie: group sex! Five of our well-hung Bulls expose up, and don’t u know it…Skylar’s gonna let all of them have their way with her!! Ms. Snow gasps, "You boyz! This is the very first time I have done an all-interracial gang a team fuck!" Skylar’s lovely little twat hasn’t pro anything like it, and if her succulent snatch isn’t getting plowed, the Bulls are taking turns skull rogering the pretty, fresh starlet. Wait until u see Skylar’s squirting climax!! And you know they’re intend to dump their loads wherever they watch fit: directly into her mouth, all over her face…and unfathomable inside her fertile womb! Hey! If u were one of the lucky fans to meet Skylar Snow on the 1st day of the A.V.N. convention, just know there was Bull seed running in and filler her panties the entire day!
Skylar Snow Skylar Snow
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Summer Chase

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Summer Chase Summer Chase
Summer Pursue @
Summer Try to find is an booty eater, but more about that in a second. She’s a cheater, also. But more about that in a second. Summer’s a liar, likewise. But hold on! Summer Pursue is a gym rat who loves to work out for one reason: there’s a ton of studs at the Health Disrobe club, and majority of them are dark. Summer lies her butt off to Steve, her boyfriend…and her latest lie? "Sandy" is her recent massage therapist. That is what Steve thinks. In reality, Sandy is indeed an highly well-hung Bull her met at the Fitness Centre. So whilst Steve is out with his buddies at the local sports bar watching football, "Sandy" is over giving Summer a "massage". In addition to the uncut, 10-inch slab of meat the Bull carries around between his legs, Summer likes licking his ass. She’ll eat booty all day long, but the Bull wants some of that taut, white love tunnel too. It doesn’t stop there. Summer does the utmost that babe can to fit that piece of meat in her diminutive backdoor. When the Bull pulls out, Summer will clean her gazoo of his BBC. Then, after he’s had his way with Steve’s hotty, the Bull will drop his cum right in her throat and see her gulp it all down. The only thing left? Book a rubdown for next Sunday!
Summer Chase Summer Chase
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