Dannica, Nathan Threat

Dannica comes from Russia with adore for larger than standard, darksome weenies! She has one tight, perky body wearing super-firm shorts and no below garment ‘coz her love muffins are of the mini, stand-up multiformity. This babe purrs with hushed fun as Nathan Threat lubes up her hot a-hole with coconut greasy oil and just plain loses her shit when he starts snacking on her snapper. This babe sucks manhood like a fiend, twisting and jerking that ebony hammer in her juicy throat. When it is time to group sex, this babe grabs his meatstick and guides the sucker in her fuckhole until she’s ready to acquire filled BALLS UNFATHOMABLE! This russian bimbo goes absolutely crazy when Nathan buries his ding-dong in her cow-chick style.

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