Misty Stone

Misty Stone Misty Stone
Misty Stone @ WeFuckBlackGirls.com
Misty Stone has tons of friends. A lot. So when one friend puts one more ally in touch with Misty, it’s nothing out of the normal. Today, this babe took a meeting with a friend-of-a-friend named Dean, who has a business proposition for her. No, it’s not a marijuana dispensary or a real estate gig…Dean needs citizenship, so he’s here with a marriage proposal — and $20,000. Here’s the thing: Misty doesn’t roll with breakin’ the law; however, that babe rolls with white boyz! So why not give him a test run…you know…as a "husband"…to see what Dean is packing? 1st — and majority important for Misty — is twat eatin’ skills, and yeah! Dean has the skills to pay the bills. His ding-dong works great, too! Misty likes loves loves white meat, and that babe devours everything Dean serves up! That includes his white-boy load, which Dean discharges directly into her barmy throat! This babe swallows it all down in advance of declining Dean’s generous offer! But don’t u know she’ll have him back for one more round of mouthing and screwing!!
Misty Stone Misty Stone
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