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You’d at not time guess who’s taking a voyage to Europe?! It is Charlie Mac, and the first thing this chab desires to do after the lengthy flight is to enjoy a traditional Hungarian meal. As he’s looking over the menu, a couple of fans spot him. They’re taken back, cause it is strange to find a brother in this part of Budapest. Upon closer inspection, they can not make no doubt of their eyes! It is none other than Charlie Mac, and he’s one of their prefered IR sex stars from one of their very much loved sites — Blacks on Blondes. They like to look at porn as a couple, and they urge a particular experience. Husband tells girlfriend to await whilst this buck asks for an autograph, and then, after a bit of friendly conversation, a wager made: The Hubby thinks Charlie’s rod isn’t as large as it looks on digi camera, and there receive to be "tricks" involved to make it appear bigger than it’s. He is ready to lay down a $10,000 note: if it is all smoke and mirrors, Charlie owes 10 Large; if Charlie’s really hung like a mule, The Hubby offers up the superlatively good thing he’s got…his girlfriend. Who do u think wins today?

Nesty Nesty

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