Pound My Pink Gap

Pound My Pink Hole Pound My Pink Hole
Pound My Pink Hole @ SpringThomas.com
Hello Guys and Beauties! It is Spring Time! Hee hee. I am so homosexual. Anyways, when I got my earliest training sessions in Black Knob, way back in the day, there was always this lad names Tony around. But we at not time gotta work with every other! Go figure. Well, Tony had to take a long vacation, if you know what I mean, and he’s back! And he’s well-rested. So when I heard this petticoat chaser came back, I called him right away and had him cum pound the shit without me. Stud Tony can shag! He sure did a number on me. I just urge him back, pretty soon. Maybe this chab can meet my new spouse! (hint hint). XOXO – Spring
Pound My Pink Hole Pound My Pink Hole
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