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Savannah Camden Savannah Camden
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Savanna Camden knows exactly where the shady photographers. Charlie Mac is known luring nieve white doxies with the vigour of his digi camera equipment. However, Savannah Camden is gonna play Charlie, not the other way around. Savannah plays along and it is not too long before she’s mouthing on his "big nigger shlong."- her exact words, not ours. Savannah keeps uttering the dreaded "n word" as Charlie’s camera keeps recording the intense act. In each sense, the fucker is becoming the fuckee…..Savannah’s allowing Charlie to believe that he’s got her fooled. Charlie keeps banging her face until he turns his attention to that leaking juicy cookie. The seedy dark photographer’s ears take in the sweet sounds of Savanna calling him a "nigger" and that merely pumps up the intensity of the screwing. We come to our culmination when Charlie’s balls explode, and Savannah’s smile says it all.

Savannah Camden Savannah Camden

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