The Lap Dancers

The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
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Hello Boys! I have a funny story for u all…and it’s *real* – we were plan to shoot a scene with this negro, and I suppose at the final minute that Lothario chickened out. Oh well. So with our room set up and no one there, we decided to call a couple ESCORTS right out of the yellow pages! Hee hee. It is so mad! We had to make a entire bunch of calls, cause tons of the gals did not wish their faces on the internet, and tons of the beauties were whiteys. But we found 2 super vixens, Goddess and Stacy, and they came right over to give me a exotic dance! We decided before we discharged the scene to kick off with a lap dance and then "see what happens from there"…and lady-killer it got really sexy in no time! Dark-skinned beauties have butts that just don’t prevent, and during my exotic dance, I thought I was intend to sperm my briefs! When you boys go to a undress joint and get a exotic dance from a dark-skinned angel, how do u NOT make a mess in your tighty-whiteys? ROTFL. White boys and their tighty-whiteys…HAHAHA. Oh well. I still luv ya all! XOXO – Spring
The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
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