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Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Foremost Ass-Fucked MILFS

Best Ass-Fucked MILFs

And now for smth a little different, a break from our ordinary routine: Our hottest anal SEXY HOUSEWIVES in their hottest scenes. There is no setup here. No foreplay. Just 40 something babes getting their butts filled with titanic porn dongs. Today, pictures. Wednesday, the movie with non-stop action.

The MILFs:

Raquel Sieb, a 46-year-old blond with a shapely wazoo. Raquel says things adore “Stick that large ding-dong in my gazoo.” Her 2 passions are shopping and rogering, and when this babe is shopping, she’s usually looking for the kind of raiment that will make her a more-attractive fuck whore. Here, she takes JMac’s large rod up her butt.

Next is Isabella Loren, a 45-year-old Latin chick honey bunny from Miami, Florida who discharged for nobody but us. This babe did 2 scenes and got ass-fucked in both. That babe has that super-slutty look that so many of us like. That babe is skinny and lewd.

“My body is very little, so boyz are always afraid they’re gonna break me in half if they fuck me likewise hard,” Isabella said. “And then when it’s time for anal, they always think they have to be gentle. Not with me, they don’t! When it’s time for anal, my wazoo is always damp and soaked, so you can pound it. Stick your meat-thermometer in my anal opening and work it! Slap my gazoo and shag me until my arse is sore. I adore it, baby!”

Ruby Thompson is a 40-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia who said us, “I like to touch myself during the time that thinking about a unyielding weenie in my throat or my hawt slit. I have masturbated at work and in tanning beds, but that only receives me willing for the nighttime. I try to copulate at least 10 times a week, more if I can.”

Semmie deSoura is a 48-year-old personal trainer who’s super-flexible and fit (in one of her scenes at, this babe sucks 10-Pounder whilst doing push-ups).

And Nastaya Simmons is a 41-year-old housewife from Russian Federation whose spouse granted her permission to come here and acquire ass-fucked by strangers.

Keep the Kleenex handy, gentlemen. You are plan to must clean up after this one!

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Lily Adams

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Lily Adams Lily Adams
Lily Adams @
Lily Adams. What a piece of a-hole! She’s small, has a near-perfect body, and what may be the ultimate set of mangos you’ll watch this month! That babe too has a father who’s business spouse is brawny and impressive…and dark! That’s how Lily describes him to all her allies. In fact, that buck is on his way over to pick up some important paperwork Lily’s daddy has prepared. This makes Lily’s little white wet crack juicy with wish. She is had her eyes on this Darksome Bull every since her dad partnered up with him! Lily makes it obvious, too: every time this guy swings by for a business collision, Lily makes sure to answer the door, always make eye contact, and to smile. In other words, this babe loves to flirt with dad’s business partner! Today, knowing daddy won’t be home all day, Lily is gonna dress like a cute little doxy and make her move! It doesn’t take much to coax his bigger than run of the mill, dark wang without his pants! "This is way bigger in size than my boyfriend’s!" Lily exclaims, previous to putting it into her throat. Mouthing turns to fucking turns to Lily with her recent "daddy", who drops a king-size load right into her mouth. Even though Lily doesn’t gulp for her husband, you know that babe is going to swallow Daddy’s load…which is just the very starting of their new relationship!
Lily Adams Lily Adams
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Amber Lynn’s on-stage bonk show

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Amber Lynn’s on-stage fuck flaunt

Amber Lynn's on-stage copulate show

You know the aged rule, “There’s no sex in the champagne room”? Well, there’s no sex in the champagne room in this scene. Amber Lynn Bach, a 41-year-old wife from Central Florida, is a lap dancer who doesn’t shag her customer in the champagne room. She shags him right on-stage. That babe pushes her large melons and lap dancer twat in his face and does him right there, and the bouncer doesn’t do a damn thing about it. And isn’t that how it should be?

Reveal of hands:

How many of u have eaten a stripper’s slit whilst that babe was on-stage? How many have fingered a stripper’s cunt?

How many of u have gotten a hand job from a lap dancer? How many of u have gotten a orall-service from a stripper? How many of u have drilled a stripper? We’re not talking about in the privacy of your own home or hers. We’re talking about in the club, either on the stage or in the champagne room. ‘coz it does happen, u know. A lot.

Amber Lynn began lap dancing in 2002. That babe loves plan to biker events, and the lads there go wild every time they watch her hawt body in diminutive outfits. That babe realized early that that babe has the goods that males wanna see and could go beyond the usual routine of day-to-day life. So by 2003, Amber was baring all.

Amber can’t live without attention. She dresses in skin-tight jeans and constricted tops. The sexy Florida chick look. She’s, in each way, the perfect MILF.

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Ribald Diddler

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Dirty Diddler

Dirty Diddler

What do you think about when you finger yourself?
“I think about being in a three-way with two boys. It is my utmost fantasy to have one wang in my face hole and one more in my pussy. I almost made it happen one time but the boys wussed out! I think they felt unusual ‘coz they’re allies. I say who cares! I just desire to have some joy and swallow two loads of cum. There is nothing unconventional about that!

“And other than that I guess about having sex in public places and how sexy and exciting it would feel. I imagine being at a party and going into a laundry room and pulling up my skirt and getting fucked from behind right there. Or being at a exotic dancing club and sneaking out into an alley for a quickie.”

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Taut Teen Princess

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Constricted Legal age teenager Princess

Tight Legal age teenager Princess

Paisley craves u to eat her teen cum-hole.
She’s queen of the school and used to getting what that babe wants-and that is tons of oral stimulation. “A dude going down on me is what gets me off the superlatively precious.” But do not worry, she’ll return the favor. “I like to give head. I even like to gulp.” And if u couldn’t tell by her figure, Paisley is a ballerina, which means she’s pliant. If u eat her snatch well, she’ll screw you and expose u just how supple she’s.

Where was your kinkiest sexual encounter?
“In a football stadium after a game. After it ended I kept drooping out there with my crush. We started making out and one thing led to some other. The next thing I know I’m riding him right there on the bleachers. That was my 1st time doing anything in public, and I’d love to try it more.”

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Big boobed SEXY HOUSEWIFE stripper Amber Lynn suggests extras

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE sexy dancer Amber Lynn offers extras

Busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE hawt dancer Amber Lynn offers extras

Amber Lynn Bach actually used to be a stripper, which is one of the things that makes this scene so sexy. We’ve all thought about screwing strippers in the VIP room, haven’t we? At least getting a oral-service? And it is always great when we come across a exotic dancer who’s also a Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK. Amber Lynn is from Central Florida, and she’s been popular among breasty lovers for a lengthy time. Now that babe gets her turn at

In this scene, Amber Lynn is on-stage and exotic dancing. She’s showing her marangos and spreading her pussy, which, as we all know, are important dance moves. But that babe doesn’t take her customer back to the champagne room to engulf and fuck him. She does it right on-stage.

Need to have been a slow day at the disrobe club, although u gotta figure that when word of Amber’s dancing skills got around, the place filled up quickly, even for day shift.

Amber told that when that babe was a stripper, she liked showing her body to strangers and knowing they all wanted to bonk her.

“It was lots of joy,” Amber said. “I likewise danced at Rachel’s in West Palm Beach.”

Amber is a part-time swinger and a full-time wanton wife. That babe enjoys swimming, gonna the gym, SCUBA and sightseeing. That babe says this babe has a fuck-me shoe fetish, copulates at least four times a week and has had sufficient sexual experiences to fill a Masters & Johnson book. More vigour to her!

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Alby acquires DP’d, the episode

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Alby acquires DP’d, the clip

Alby receives DP'd, the video

Alby Daor, a slim wife and Mama, climbs into ottoman wearing petite, pink lingerie. There are 2 boyz in the bed with her, and they can not make no doubt of how great her body is. She’s showing off her gazoo ‘coz that’s where this babe wants to be rogered. It’s a preview of things to cum.

“I have those 2 young studs, and this is my first DP on-camera,” Alby says.

And then that babe receives right to the act because that’s what that babe is here for. Not to have a conversation. Not to tell us all about herself. To shag. To get DP’d by 2 youthful, hung porn dudes, one dark-skinned, one white. They do her right, and when they cant hold back any longer, they give Alby’s face a wonderful glazing. And we mean valuable. By the time this scene is over, cum is leaking off Alby’s beautiful face.

We asked Alby what that babe does to make her chap glad, and this babe said, “I do everything I can for him at all times and do soever this buck asks of me, no matter what or where. He has tutored me well, and I am rewarded by him fulfilling all of my wishes.”

Adore, for example, allowing her to come to and receive DP’d…while this dude watches, by the way. This isn’t indeed a cuckold scene ‘cuz we not ever see or hear Alby’s partner, but he was there, sat merely several feet away.

We asked Alby what that babe would do if time were frozen for 24 hours, and this babe said, “I would spent it in my dom suite with my petticoat chaser, drinking champagne, eating strawberrys, chocolate and pizza and having a 24-hour sex session. I’d give multiple blow jobs and orgasm as many times as possible.”

This babe doesn’t need time to be frozen to do that.

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Not Home Alone

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Not Home Alone

Not Home Alone

Kelsey’s parents aren’t home, but that doesn’t mean she’s home alone. Her maturer spouse comes over for a screw. But they’ve got to hurry in advance of Kelsey’s parents get back, so they receive right down to it.

Kelsey passionately swallows his pecker as that charmer holds her hair back. Her cheek bulges as his bonk hammer fills her mouth. And whilst that man is over, the spouse might as well keep her cookie company by rogering it and making it cum. Kelsey’s constricted, little wazoo appears adore a perfectly round peach as that babe bounces it up and down whilst riding her boyfriend’s jock. This babe turns around in reverse cowgirl so we can watch each inch of penetration in her teen love tunnel.

You’ll love her taut body and slight funbags. And you’ll like the bigger than standard load that covers her face and torso. Her spouse sure does.

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She’d Rather Study Cock

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

She’d Rather Study Dick

She'd Rather Study Cock

“Sometimes I guess my partner craves me to fail my classes! That chap comes over during the time that I am trying to do my homework and we always end up fucking. This chap is older and hasn’t been in school for a lengthy time, so that lady-killer doesn’t care about studying. I try to tell him no but when that lady-killer begins touching me I get so lascivious and moist. At that point I have to screw him, or else I will not be pro to get sex with out my head for the rest of the day. The only thing that will calm me down is having an agonorgasmos and getting a load on my face!”

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Slits & Jizz

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Pussies & Ball batter

Cookies & Cream

Hungry for love tunnels? Barbara has a delightsome one between her legs.
Barbara is quite the little baker. Twice a week that babe bakes a batch of slits to sell at school. “I also bake cakes and pastries, but people appear to be to like my twats the almost any. They always sell out.” The fur pie between her legs is too in high demand, but rarely accessible. “Sometimes boys will make jokes about eating my love tunnel. The fellows my age are dumb. I just roll my eyes. Little do they know that I love most of all aged chaps to eat my slit. Somebody who will truly eat it right instead of just making a mess!”

Have u been with many maturer males? What was it adore?
“I had a flirtation with a teacher that by no means went beyond that. That dude held back. I am expecting untill I graduate to see if we can be something more. There is so much raunchy tension betwixt us. I always leave his class with moist panties. Other than that, I’ve been with a neighbor who is 43. This ladies man was the one who gave me my first orgasm and showed me that maturer studs can be really hawt. While all my allies at school are looking at the cute studs in our class, I’m looking at their dads! Maturer boyz know how to treat a gal and how to give her joy. The juvenile sexy boys are just fumbling around down there clueless!”

How did u end up hooking up with that neighbour?
“Funny enough-he wanted some cunts! I went over there to drop some off. This fellow endevoured one of my wet cracks and watching him eat it just now made me think of him eating me out. I said him I had smth else lovely he could eat. Then he went down on me for a long-time. When that fellow came up, his face was covered in my jism.”

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Brandi Bae

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
Brandi Bae @
On a hawt, summer day what’s one to do but hang out by the pool? That’s what Mandingo wishes to do…just chill by the pool and sip a yummy beverage. Brandi Bae has other plans. That babe is randy, her cum-hole is sopping moist, and the final thing that babe wants to do is sit by a pool. Instead, Brandi urges to sit on Dingo’s 13-inch slab of large, dark meat. She’s at not time accomplished everything of that magnitude, and now she cant keep her mind off Mandingo’s legendary ramrod. That fellow is easily swayed, too, and it doesn’t take long for Brandi to drop to her knees and attempt to choke down all that weenie! She can barely get her mouth around Dingo’s bulbous head!! How is it ever going to fit in her ravishing, constricted pussy?? Well…it does, but that leads up to another challenge: can Brandi Bae take Mandingo up her constricted, constricted shit pipe?!? With some unfathomable breathing and relaxation, sure sufficient — Brandi let us Mandingo’s huge tool into her asshole! There’s solely one thing left, and that’s to drop back down on her knees to take Dingo’s sticky-sweet man-juice all over her captivating golden-haired face!!
Brandi Bae Brandi Bae
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A black cock/white weenie DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

A dark-skinned cock/white ramrod DP for Alby Daor

A darksome cock/white 10-Pounder DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

U know a Fourty something woman is particular when we bring her back to screw for the fourth time. Go throughout our archives and you’ll watch that it hasn’t happened very often. Maybe a handful of times in the lengthy history of And it is not just that Alby Daor is specific. All of our MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK are particular. But Alby is peculiar and she is doing smth particular in her fourth scene: She’s getting DP’d by two youthful, hung studs. One of ’em is Twenty two, and this man has a greater than average, dark-skinned pecker.

Her boyfriend watched, by the way. That petticoat chaser came along so this dude could look at his dear wife receive her cunt and backdoor filled with strange cock. And maybe this chab helped her clean up afterwards when she had 2 loads of cum all over her beautiful face.

By the way, Alby is a Mommy, likewise. We wonder if the kids know about their parents’ vacations to South Florida.

Alby said us that babe observed her previous 3 scenes alone and with her boyfriend.

“I thought they were put together well and was cheerful with the final product,” Alby said. “I got lustful watching the films and pix. I became very randy. My chap was pleased watching the films with me coz I became very moist and avid to receive at his 10-Pounder.”

And, so, they drilled.

“I had sex right after watching my scenes,” she said.

Alby too said that doing this “has enhanced my sexuality.” We didn’t know it needed any enhancement. “I receive sexually excited knowing that people have watched me having sex on film. This experience has likewise made me take more precious care of myself physically coz when I do another film, I urge people to receive horny.”

Done. And we don’t think a goddess could look any better. Alby’s a 10.

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