Coyness Blond

Shy Blond

Shy Blonde

Alicia is just discovering her sexuality.
Alicia is petite and soft-spoken. But beneath her shy demeanor, her hormones are violent. That babe masturbates with toys. She loves to receive drilled rock hard. This babe doesn’t have much experience with sex, but there’re plenty of things she’d adore to try, love three-ways and getting blindfolded.

What was school like for you, Alicia?
“I was homeschooled most of my life so I didn’t have the run of the mill experience. I am making up for lost time now by having sex and taking nude pictures. I’m still charming timid but not fast coming out of my shell. I am building up my social life so I can have more options when it comes to lads.”

What kind of things turn you on?
“Fucking me unyielding and fast makes me cum and feels astonishing. I wish ’em to pound me so subrigid that I screech and groan. My prefered position is doggie-style, but where they lift my upper body and hold up my titties and squeeze my areolas. I like getting my clitoris kissed. I’m likewise turned on by sexy maturer males who have salt and pepper hair.”

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